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Insights on User Experience, Content Strategy and Personalization

Let’s Talk About Ad Blocking

It’s been regarded as another nail in the coffin for publishers and media sites. As mobile gains dominance in how users view content, the rise of ad blocking for mobile devices has publishers concerned — with good reason. Here’s what you need to know about ad blocking now, and how you can begin to future-proof your ad revenue.

Beth Bader is the founder of strategUX

About strategUX

Beth Bader is the founder of strategUX. She has two decades of work in digital as a Director of User Experience and Content Strategy at a top ten global agency. She is also a published author.

strategUX is fueled by strong coffee and a passion for delivering value for clients and users both through great content and user experience. Part of that value is sharing knowledge on the practice and trends in user experience, content strategy and personalization.